serialize build of qtwebkit and qtwebengine
[mirror/qt/qt5.git] / .gitmodules
2017-04-06 Oswald Buddenhagenserialize build of qtwebkit and qtwebengine
2017-02-03 Frederik GladhornRevert "Clean up usage of qtsvg as dependency"
2016-11-02 Frederik GladhornClean up usage of qtsvg as dependency
2016-09-13 Eskil Abrahamsen... Add Qt Android Extras as dependency for Qt Purchasing
2016-08-24 Oswald BuddenhagenAdjust submodule branches
2016-03-31 Liang QiMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.6.0' into 5.6
2016-03-08 Iikka EklundUpdate .gitmodules for automated release src package... 5.6.0 v5.6.0
2016-02-12 Oswald BuddenhagenMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.6.0' into 5.6
2016-02-07 Oswald Buddenhagenfix branches of some modules
2016-02-07 Oswald Buddenhagenreplace 'initrepo' with more fine-grained 'status'
2016-01-25 Oswald BuddenhagenAdjust submodule branches
2016-01-22 Oswald Buddenhagenmove module dependencies from to .gitmodules
2015-09-24 Frederik GladhornAdd qtpurchasing as non-default module
2015-09-03 Frederik GladhornAdd QtQuickControls2 as submodule v5.6.0-alpha1
2015-09-03 Alex BlascheHook qtserialbus into qt5.git
2015-09-03 Frederik GladhornAdd qtwebview as submodule
2015-09-03 Jani HeikkinenRemoved QtWebkit and QtWebkit-Examples from qt5.git
2015-09-03 Simon HausmannFix QtEnginio branch
2015-08-27 Jani HeikkinenRemove quick1 from default checkout
2015-08-12 Oswald Buddenhagenfix qtcanvas3d submodule reference
2015-08-10 Oswald BuddenhagenAdjust submodule branches
2015-04-10 Oswald BuddenhagenAdjust submodule branches
2015-03-20 Oswald BuddenhagenMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.5' into dev 83/108983/3 83/108983/4
2015-03-13 Jani HeikkinenAdded Qt3D as a part of qt5.git default repositories 41/102241/9
2015-02-16 Oswald BuddenhagenAdjust submodule branches
2015-02-13 Pasi KeranenAdd qtcanvas3d as submodule 77/105977/9
2015-01-08 Oswald BuddenhagenAdjust submodule branches
2014-12-05 Oswald Buddenhagenadjust submodule branch names for dev branch
2014-12-02 Oswald Buddenhagenadjust submodule branch names for 5.4 branch 93/101093/2
2014-11-12 Oswald Buddenhagenteach init-repository about branches 35/99435/2
2014-09-25 Matti PaasoAdding qtquick1 and qtwayland also into submodule initi... 41/95641/2
2014-09-23 Joerg Bornemannremove qtjsondb 5.4_1411509232 95/95095/2
2014-09-23 Oswald Buddenhagenkeep information about default repos in .gitmodules 95/92395/3
2014-08-29 Frederik GladhornAdd qtwebengine as submodule 5.4_1409328150 35/90935/21
2014-08-08 Frederik GladhornAdd qtwebchannel as submodule dev_1407523519 99/90399/9
2014-02-22 Oswald Buddenhagennuke qlalr submodule stable_1393090930
2014-02-17 Frederik GladhornAdd qtwebsockets as submodule dev_1392615200
2013-11-01 Frederik GladhornAdd qtenginio as submodule stable_1383309576
2013-09-27 Sergio AhumadaAdd new qtandroidextras repository v5.2.0-alpha1
2013-08-16 Oswald Buddenhagenpurge qtjsbackend dev_1376694331
2013-06-26 Sergio AhumadaAdd qtmacextras and qtwinextras to qt5.git#stable stable_1372220144
2013-05-01 Oswald Buddenhagenuse relative submodule specs stable_1367381646
2013-05-01 Oswald Buddenhagenrenamed qtwebkit-examples-and-demos => qtwebkit-examples
2013-04-04 Sergio AhumadaAdd new modules (qtquickcontrols, qtserialport and... stable_1365089245 v5.1.0-alpha1
2013-04-03 Oswald Buddenhagenre-add a bunch of modules stable_1365014934
2013-02-08 David FaureAdd module qtx11extras to qt5.git dev_1360335411
2012-11-30 Oswald Buddenhagenremove special handling of qtwebkit master_1354270586 master
2012-10-30 Stephen KellyRemove submodules which are not part of Qt 5.0.
2012-08-28 Lars KnollRemove qtjsondb from qt5.git master_201208281632
2012-08-06 Lars KnollRemove docgallery from qt5.git master_201208062150
2012-07-30 Lars KnollRemove phonon as discussed on the mailing list master_201207310127
2012-04-11 Marius Storm-OlsenQt 5.0.0 Alpha1 qt-v5.0.0-alpha1
2012-03-02 Sergio AhumadaAdded new module, qtgraphicaleffects. master_201203031005
2012-02-09 Andrew den ExterAdd the QtQuick1 module. master_201202091705
2012-01-31 Toby TomkinsAdd qtimageformats module to Qt5. master_201201311526
2012-01-25 Toby TomkinsRemove QtQuick3D repository references from Qt5. master_201201251207
2012-01-10 Simon HausmannAdded qtjsbackend module
2012-01-09 Simon HausmannUpdated WebKit import master_201201091646
2011-12-19 Rohan McGovernAdded new gitmodule `qt3d' master_201112191517
2011-10-31 Sergio AhumadaAdded new module, qtjsondb. master_201110312343
2011-10-27 Michael GoddardRemove QtMultimediaKit - all content has moved to QtMul... master_201110271116
2011-10-26 Rohan McGovernFixed incorrect giturl for qtquick3d. master_201110261135
2011-10-21 Sergio AhumadaFix public link to qt/qlalr. master_201110220533
2011-10-21 Sergio AhumadaFix public link to qt/qtrepotools. master_201110220356
2011-09-27 Rohan McGovernAdded new module, qtwayland.
2011-08-24 Rohan McGovernAdded new module, qtconnectivity.
2011-08-24 Rohan McGovernAdded new module, qtpim.
2011-08-10 Rohan McGovernAdded new module `qtdocgallery' master_201108101354
2011-07-18 Sarah SmithAdd qtquick3d module. master_201107181619
2011-07-04 Rohan McGovernAdded qtfeedback module.
2011-06-29 Michael GoddardAdd the QtMultimediaKit module. Currently not built.
2011-06-23 Xizhi ZhuAdd the QtSystems module.
2011-05-20 AlexAdd new QtSensors module
2011-05-10 AlexAdd new qtlocation module
2011-05-05 axisRemoved qt3support.
2011-04-27 axisFixed public reference to qtrepotools.
2011-04-27 axisFixed public link to qlalr.
2011-04-27 Qt by NokiaLong live the qt5 Qt repository