Update submodules on '5.6' in qt5
[mirror/qt/qt5.git] / coin / provisioning / qtci-windows-8-x86_64 /
2018-01-24 Heikki HalmetSplit Common folder based on operating system families
2018-01-22 Jan Arve SætherProvisioning: Disable NTP synchronization for Windows
2017-09-14 Tony SarajärviProvision: Move Python3 scripts from win8 to win8.1...
2017-08-30 Simo FältInstall python3 on all platforms
2017-08-11 Joni JänttiMake CI use a new win 8.1 provisioning instead of win 8
2017-06-20 Simon HausmannCentralize Mesa LLVMPipe installation on Windows
2017-06-06 Simon HausmannClean up windows cleanup script
2017-03-30 Simo FältCoin provisioning: Use arg instead of autodetecting...
2017-02-07 Simo FältUpgrade CMake to 3.6.2 on Windows 8
2017-01-09 Simon HausmannImprove build performance on Windows
2017-01-06 Simo FältProvisioning: Disable Windows Defender
2016-09-30 Heikki HalmetPython to provisioning for Windows
2016-06-16 Frederik GladhornClean up Windows provisioning scripts
2016-05-30 Jędrzej NowackiExport CI_ICU_PATH variables on all windows templates
2016-04-28 Frederik GladhornAdd script to install jom through powershell