Update submodules on '5.6' in qt5
[mirror/qt/qt5.git] / configure
2015-02-25 Jani HeikkinenUpdate copyright headers 5.5_1424836211 38/106438/3
2013-07-10 Oswald Buddenhagenleave makefile generation to the real configure stable_1373430753
2013-06-23 Sergio Ahumadaconfigure: Fix srcpath when you run configure in the... release_1372025997
2013-06-20 Oswald Buddenhagenrewrite top-level configures without perl release_1371733202
2012-11-14 Oswald Buddenhagenfix argument quoting when invoking "proper" configure
2012-09-28 Jonathan LiuRevert "Check for a non-error, non-continue case." master_201209290226
2012-09-25 Iikka EklundChange copyrights from Nokia to Digia master_201209252238
2012-06-29 Oswald Buddenhagencreate top-level .qmake.super instead of .qmake.cache
2012-04-20 Oswald Buddenhagenbe explicit about qtbase/configure failing
2012-02-14 Jason McDonaldAdd license header to configure script. master_201202141514
2012-01-30 Jason McDonaldUpdate contact address in license headers. master_201201301318
2012-01-06 Jason McDonaldUpdate copyright year in license headers. master_201201061658
2011-12-15 Rohan McGovernFixed configure exiting with 0 exit code even on failure.
2011-10-09 Lincoln Ramsayfix spelling (in a comment) master_201110100911
2011-10-07 Lincoln RamsayCheck for a non-error, non-continue case. master_201110071043
2011-05-03 Lincoln RamsayDon't assume that commands succeed
2011-05-03 Lincoln RamsayWarn everywhere, not just Unix
2011-04-27 Olivier GoffartFix shadowbuild
2011-04-27 axisStopped running init-repository from configure.
2011-04-27 axisRemoved WebKit patches.
2011-04-27 Qt by NokiaLong live the qt5 Qt repository