fix url normalization
[mirror/qt/qt5.git] / init-repository
2017-04-06 Oswald Buddenhagenfix url normalization
2017-03-16 Jason ErbReflect current URL in example comment
2017-03-13 Jason ErbRemove init-repository assumption of repo url “…/qt...
2016-11-30 Oswald Buddenhagendon't fail to check out some modules in pinned mode
2016-11-30 Oswald Buddenhagenrefuse to operate with dirty submodules
2016-11-14 Oswald Buddenhagenproduce less ugly paths to the commit template in submo...
2016-11-14 Oswald Buddenhagenadd --no-fetch option
2016-11-04 Oswald Buddenhagenfix cloning of tagged versions
2016-05-24 Ilia KirianovskiiFix git_install_hooks for relative gitdir
2016-05-05 Oswald Buddenhagenmake it actually possible to specify 'ignore' as a...
2016-05-05 Oswald Buddenhagenmake it actually possible to exclude classes
2016-03-31 Liang QiMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.6.0' into 5.6
2016-03-08 Iikka EklundUpdate .gitmodules for automated release src package... 5.6.0 v5.6.0
2016-02-17 Oswald Buddenhagenrework hook installation
2016-02-07 Oswald Buddenhagenproperly complain about invalid entries in --module...
2016-02-07 Oswald Buddenhagenreplace 'initrepo' with more fine-grained 'status'
2015-12-25 Oswald Buddenhagendon't use POD, to restore msysgit perl compatibility
2015-12-25 Oswald Buddenhagendon't use GetOptionsFromArray, to restore msysgit perl...
2015-10-12 Edward WelbourneExplain what the canonical URLs are.
2015-09-03 Jani HeikkinenRemoved QtWebkit and QtWebkit-Examples from qt5.git
2015-03-27 Simon HausmannProspective fix for unnecessary submodule cloning dev_1427450742 40/109440/2
2015-03-09 Oswald BuddenhagenMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.4' into 5.5
2015-03-04 Oswald Buddenhagenuse git clone --branch instead of --no-checkout 36/107736/1
2015-02-25 Jani HeikkinenUpdate copyright headers 5.5_1424836211 38/106438/3
2015-02-06 Oswald Buddenhagendon't fetch again when updating submodules 41/105441/2
2015-02-06 Oswald Buddenhagendon't checkout when cloning 40/105440/2
2015-02-06 Oswald Buddenhagenmake manual fetching sane 39/105439/2
2015-02-06 Oswald Buddenhagenalways check out the target branch when using --branch 88/105288/2
2015-02-06 Oswald Buddenhagenfix --branch without --no-update 87/105287/2
2014-11-12 Oswald Buddenhagendon't fetch unless we are updating 5.4.0_1415786577 36/99436/2
2014-11-12 Kai KoehneFix cloning with mirrors 13/99513/2
2014-11-12 Kai KoehneFix description of --mirror argument 12/99512/2
2014-11-12 Oswald Buddenhagenteach init-repository about branches 35/99435/2
2014-11-03 Jan Arve SaetherIgnore alternate if its not a git repo 5.4_1415018110 74/98574/3
2014-10-17 Bruno Coudoinfix to let init-repository work on non english locale 5.4_1413545185 33/96833/2
2014-09-23 Oswald Buddenhagenproperly recurse submodule initialization 98/92398/3
2014-09-23 Oswald Buddenhagendon't unnecessarily initialize unwanted submodules 97/92397/3
2014-09-23 Oswald Buddenhagendon't uninit submodules before re-initing 96/92396/3
2014-09-23 Oswald Buddenhagenkeep information about default repos in .gitmodules 95/92395/3
2014-09-23 Oswald Buddenhagendon't pass around url unnecessarily 94/92394/3
2014-09-23 Oswald Buddenhagenget submodule urls from .gitmodules 93/92393/3
2014-09-23 Oswald Buddenhagenrewrite submodule exclusion logic 92/92392/3
2014-09-23 Oswald Buddenhagennuke the --http option 91/92391/3
2014-09-10 Jocelyn Turcotteinit-repository: Support cases where $submodule/.git... 5.4_1410366344 80/92380/2
2014-08-29 Frederik GladhornAdd qtwebengine as submodule 5.4_1409328150 35/90935/21
2014-08-20 Frederik GladhornAdd QtWayland to default checkout 5.4_1408532433 54/91954/5
2014-08-15 Jocelyn Turcotteinit-repository: Support submodules more than one dir... 41/92241/2
2014-08-15 Jocelyn Turcotteinit-repository: Make sure that we update a submodule... 99/92199/2
2014-08-15 Jocelyn TurcotteLet init-repository build the mirror URL from the origi... 76/92176/2
2014-08-12 Andras Becsiinitialize qtwebengine's chromium submodule after cloni... 5.4_1407852228 31/91931/6
2014-08-08 Frederik GladhornAdd qtwebchannel as submodule dev_1407523519 99/90399/9
2014-03-21 Sergio AhumadaAdd qtenginio#stable as part of the default modules stable_1395404245
2014-02-28 Oswald Buddenhagenautomatically install hooks stable_1393593499
2014-02-22 Oswald Buddenhagennuke qlalr submodule stable_1393090930
2014-02-17 Frederik GladhornAdd qtwebsockets as submodule dev_1392615200
2013-11-01 Frederik GladhornAdd qtenginio as submodule stable_1383309576
2013-09-27 Sergio AhumadaAdd new qtandroidextras repository v5.2.0-alpha1
2013-09-27 Sergio AhumadaAdd qtmacextras#stable as part of the default modules
2013-09-20 Sergio AhumadaAdd qtlocation#dev as part of the default modules dev_1379659786
2013-09-11 Sergio AhumadaMerge branch 'stable' into dev dev_1378902914 dev_1378920809 dev_1378966022 91/65191/1
2013-09-10 Sergio AhumadaAdd qtconnectivity#dev as part of the default modules
2013-08-29 Sergio AhumadaAdd qtwinextras#dev as part of the default modules dev_1377789968
2013-08-21 Alex BlascheAdd --oslo option to init-repository stable_1377071156
2013-08-20 Alex BlascheCleanup of init-repository stable_1376980739
2013-08-16 Oswald Buddenhagenpurge qtjsbackend dev_1376694331
2013-06-26 Sergio AhumadaAdd qtmacextras and qtwinextras to qt5.git#stable stable_1372220144
2013-06-21 Joerg Bornemannfix Berlin's mirror URL stable_1371850015
2013-05-01 Oswald Buddenhagenrenamed qtwebkit-examples-and-demos => qtwebkit-examples
2013-04-04 Sergio AhumadaAdd new modules (qtquickcontrols, qtserialport and... stable_1365089245 v5.1.0-alpha1
2013-04-03 Oswald Buddenhagenre-add a bunch of modules stable_1365014934
2013-04-03 Oswald Buddenhagenclone only a specific subset of repositories by default
2013-02-08 David FaureAdd module qtx11extras to qt5.git dev_1360335411
2012-11-30 Oswald Buddenhagenremove special handling of qtwebkit master_1354270586 master
2012-11-14 Oswald Buddenhagenbrisbane is no more
2012-09-25 Iikka EklundChange copyrights from Nokia to Digia master_201209252238
2012-09-21 Simon HausmannFix path to Qt 5 WebKit mirror for Brisbane
2012-08-28 Lars KnollRemove qtjsondb from qt5.git master_201208281632
2012-08-06 Lars KnollRemove docgallery from qt5.git master_201208062150
2012-07-30 Lars KnollRemove phonon as discussed on the mailing list master_201207310127
2012-07-19 Laszlo PappFollow the protocol requests for webkit (special treatm... master_201207200002
2012-07-18 Rohan McGoverninit-repository: fixed incorrect example for --mirror... master_201207181609
2012-04-20 Oswald Buddenhagenoverride the remote refs only for /heads/ master_201204201952
2012-03-14 Sergio Ahumadainit-repository: mark as requiring perl 5.8 master_201203141153
2012-03-09 Marius Storm-OlsenDon't try to unlink non-existing alternates file master_201203100627
2012-03-02 Sergio AhumadaAdded new module, qtgraphicaleffects. master_201203031005
2012-02-09 Andrew den ExterAdd the QtQuick1 module. master_201202091705
2012-01-31 Toby TomkinsAdd qtimageformats module to Qt5. master_201201311526
2012-01-30 Jason McDonaldRemove "All rights reserved" line from license headers. master_201201301851
2012-01-30 Jason McDonaldUpdate contact address in license headers. master_201201301318
2012-01-25 Toby TomkinsRemove QtQuick3D repository references from Qt5. master_201201251207
2012-01-17 Oswald Buddenhagendon't treat qt3d specially any more master_201201171146
2012-01-16 Rohan McGoverninit-repository: fixed warnings when no mirror is used master_201201161135
2012-01-12 Simon HausmannRemove special casing of qtjsbackend for cloning master_201201121718
2012-01-11 Simon HausmannRemove obsolete submodule handling. master_201201120915
2012-01-10 Rohan McGoverninit-repository: fall back to origin when mirror is...
2012-01-10 Simon HausmannAdded qtjsbackend module
2012-01-10 Aaron McCarthyPush handling of --no-update to the 'git submodule... master_201201101135
2012-01-06 Jason McDonaldUpdate copyright year in license headers. master_201201061658
2011-12-19 Rohan McGovernAdded new gitmodule `qt3d' master_201112191517
2011-12-15 Lauro NetoAdd mirror-v8 option to init repository. master_201112151331