init-repository: fixed `--help' with older Pod::Usage (OSX 10.6)
[mirror/qt/qt5.git] / init-repository
2011-05-15 Rohan McGoverninit-repository: fixed `--help' with older Pod::Usage...
2011-05-11 AlexAdd commit-template support
2011-05-10 Rohan McGoverninit-repository: whitespace fix
2011-05-10 AlexAdd new qtlocation module
2011-05-06 Rohan McGoverninit-repository: avoid failure when combining `--force...
2011-05-06 Rohan McGoverninit-repository: also create the staging remote for qt5
2011-05-06 Rohan McGovernImprove maintainability of init-repository script.
2011-05-05 Marius Storm-OlsenDon't fog the $mirror
2011-05-05 Marius Storm-OlsenMake sure -brisbane uses the 'internal' protocol
2011-05-05 Marius Storm-OlsenAdd staging repos as 'staging' remote for each module
2011-05-05 Marius Storm-OlsenMake printUsage more maintainable
2011-05-05 Marius Storm-OlsenAdd -copy-objects option
2011-05-05 Marius Storm-OlsenAdd -mirror and -mirror-webkit options
2011-05-05 Marius Storm-OlsenAdd -alternates option
2011-05-05 Marius Storm-OlsenClean up options, add -http for public access
2011-05-05 Marius Storm-OlsenAdd -ignore-submodules option
2011-05-05 Marius Storm-OlsenRemove whole submodule section
2011-05-05 Marius Storm-OlsenIllegal->Unknown and show usage on wrong options
2011-05-03 Lincoln RamsayWarn everywhere, not just Unix
2011-05-03 axisAdded -ssh-protocol option for those with very restrict...
2011-04-28 axisRemoved some debug prints and made sure that -no-update...
2011-04-28 axisPrettified the usage screen.
2011-04-28 Alan AlpertAdd -brisbane-nokia-developer switch
2011-04-28 Sergio AhumadaAdd -no-update option to init script
2011-04-28 Alan AlpertAdd -no-webkit to init script
2011-04-27 axisSwitched to using git protocol only.
2011-04-27 axisFixed public reference to qtrepotools.
2011-04-27 axisFixed public link to qlalr.
2011-04-27 Qt by NokiaLong live the qt5 Qt repository