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2013-08-04 J-P Nurmiqtwinextras: add qtdeclarative as an optional dependency stable_1375636134
2013-06-26 Sergio AhumadaAdd qtmacextras and qtwinextras to qt5.git#stable stable_1372220144
2013-05-01 Oswald Buddenhagenrenamed qtwebkit-examples-and-demos => qtwebkit-examples
2013-04-18 Oswald Buddenhagenskip modules whose mandatory dependencies are missing stable_1366308582
2013-04-04 Sergio AhumadaAdd new modules (qtquickcontrols, qtserialport and... stable_1365089245 v5.1.0-alpha1
2013-04-03 Oswald Buddenhagenre-add a bunch of modules stable_1365014934
2013-02-20 Oswald Buddenhagenmake it possible to explicitly exclude particular modules stable_1361399706
2013-02-20 Oswald Buddenhagensemi-automate adding submodules
2013-02-20 Oswald Buddenhagendon't make webkit build conditional on ICU
2012-12-04 Oswald Buddenhagen(re-)add top-level 'check' target
2012-11-29 Oswald Buddenhagenre-instate a top-level docs target master_1354231155
2012-11-20 Samuel RødalMerge remote-tracking branch 'gerrit/newdocs' into... master_1353405889 master_1353421254 master_1353447035 master_1353484898 69/40069/1
2012-10-30 Stephen KellyRemove submodules which are not part of Qt 5.0.
2012-10-25 Tor Arne VestbøAdd prepare_docs to CONFIG as preparation to two-pass... newdocs
2012-10-19 Tor Arne VestbøTweak name of Makefile for QtWebKit to just 'Makefile...
2012-09-26 Simon HausmannIntroduce dependency: QtQuick1 needs QtWebKit master_201209262337
2012-09-21 Simon HausmannWebKit update master_201209220055
2012-09-14 Simon HausmannUpdate WebKit
2012-09-08 Corentin JabotCut some build dependencies master_201209090725
2012-08-28 Lars KnollRemove qtjsondb from qt5.git master_201208281632
2012-08-06 Lars KnollRemove docgallery from qt5.git master_201208062150
2012-07-30 Lars KnollRemove phonon as discussed on the mailing list master_201207310127
2012-07-11 Aaron McCarthyAdd soft dependency on Qt Multimedia to Qt Location. master_201207111721
2012-06-29 Marko NiemeläEnabled installation of QtGraphicalEffects add-on module. master_201206291523
2012-06-29 Oswald Buddenhagencreate top-level .qmake.super instead of .qmake.cache
2012-06-29 Oswald Buddenhagenwebkit-examples depends on qttools (uitools)
2012-06-29 Oswald Buddenhagenremove stale workaround for circular dependency
2012-06-29 Oswald Buddenhagenfix SUBDIRS sorting according to dependencies again
2012-06-19 Simon HausmannUpdate WebKit master_201206191840
2012-06-12 Lars KnollFix dependencies between quick1 and tools
2012-06-08 Lars Knollqtquick1 now depends on qttools, not the other way... master_201206082327
2012-06-06 Lars KnollRemove doc gallery dependency onto QtScript master_201206070942
2012-06-02 Tasuku update modules dependency on qtxmlpatterns master_201206021709
2012-05-22 Toby change qtfeedback dependency on qtmultimedia... master_201205230834
2012-05-22 Toby Fix dependencies for qtgraphicaleffects.
2012-05-15 Aaron McCarthyFix Qt Location dependencies. master_201205151729
2012-05-11 Friedemann KleintRemove dependency of qttools on qtscript from
2012-05-05 Oswald Buddenhagenremove pointless $$IN_PWD/ prefixes on subdirs master_201205051923
2012-04-11 Oswald Buddenhagensort subdirs by dependencies master_201204112008
2012-03-22 Marius Storm-OlsenAdd required dependencies for wayland module master_201203221543
2012-03-21 Marius Storm-OlsenOnly add dependency to qtactiveqt if it's available master_201203212353
2012-03-13 Toby TomkinsQtSVG: Add dependency to declarative and quick1 if... master_201203131200
2012-03-08 Marius Storm-OlsenDon't try to compile wayland on Windows or Mac, even... master_201203090731
2012-03-02 Sergio AhumadaAdded new module, qtgraphicaleffects. master_201203031005
2012-03-01 Toby TomkinsQtLocation: Add hard dependency on qtjsondb to qtlocation. master_201203011500
2012-02-15 Rohan McGovernFixed incorrect dependencies for qttools master_201202151618
2012-02-09 Andrew den ExterAdd the QtQuick1 module. master_201202091705
2012-01-31 Toby TomkinsAdd qtimageformats module to Qt5. master_201201311526
2012-01-25 Toby TomkinsRemove QtQuick3D repository references from Qt5. master_201201251207
2012-01-20 Jyri TahtelaQt5: Enable compilation of qtjsondb by default. master_201201201034
2012-01-18 Rohan McGovernSwitch default builds from qtquick3d repo to qt3d repo
2012-01-10 Rohan McGovernAdded missing SUBDIRS+=module_qtjsbackend
2012-01-10 Simon HausmannAdded qtjsbackend module
2012-01-09 Simon HausmannUpdated WebKit import master_201201091646
2011-12-19 Rohan McGovernAdded new gitmodule `qt3d' master_201112191517
2011-12-06 Sarah SmithRemove spurious dep on qtscript master_201112061346
2011-11-17 Xizhi ZhuQtJsonDb doesn't depend on QtSvg. master_201111171830
2011-10-31 Sergio AhumadaAdded new module, qtjsondb. master_201110312343
2011-10-27 Michael GoddardRemove QtMultimediaKit - all content has moved to QtMul... master_201110271116
2011-10-26 Michael GoddardRe-add qtmultimedia. master_201110261710
2011-10-10 Alan AlpertQtDeclarative no longer depends on QtSvg master_201110101755
2011-09-28 Rohan McGovernRevert "Enabled compilation of qtwayland by default." master_201109281802
2011-09-27 Rohan McGovernEnabled compilation of qtwayland by default. master_201109271855
2011-09-27 Rohan McGovernAdded new module, qtwayland.
2011-09-23 Rohan McGovernRe-enable qtlocation by default. master_201109231704
2011-09-23 Rohan McGovernEnabled qtconnectivity by default. master_201109231311
2011-09-22 Rohan McGovernUpdated submodules (merged refactor) master_201109221341
2011-09-02 Michael GoddardRemove QtMultimedia (obsoleted by QtMultimediaKit). master_201109021333
2011-08-31 Rohan McGovernAdded missing dependency for qtfeedback. master_201108312057
2011-08-27 Rohan McGovernEnabled compilation of qtpim by default. master_201108271157
2011-08-24 Rohan McGovernAdded new module, qtconnectivity.
2011-08-24 Rohan McGovernAdded new module, qtpim.
2011-08-16 Rohan McGovernEnabled qtfeedback, qtquick3d, qtdocgallery by default master_201108161609
2011-08-11 Rohan McGovernAdded missing qtscript dependency for qtdocgallery master_201108111545
2011-08-10 Rohan McGovernAdded new module `qtdocgallery' master_201108101354
2011-08-02 Rohan McGovernRemove qtdeclarative's dependency on qtscript master_201108021213
2011-07-26 Sergio AhumadaQtDoc only depends on QtBase master_201107270043
2011-07-18 Sarah SmithAdd qtquick3d module. master_201107181619
2011-07-18 Michael GoddardDisable QtMultimedia, since QtMultimediaKit has replace... master_201107181145
2011-07-07 Alan AlpertCan now tell init-repository to only use a subset of... master_201107072200
2011-07-07 Jonas RabbeEnable building of Qt Multimedia Kit by default. master_201107071237
2011-07-04 Rohan McGovernAdded qtfeedback module.
2011-06-29 Xizhi ZhuEnable the build for QtSystems by default.
2011-06-29 Michael GoddardAdd the QtMultimediaKit module. Currently not built.
2011-06-23 Xizhi ZhuAdd the QtSystems module.
2011-06-06 AlexEnable Sensors and Location API builds by default
2011-05-20 AlexAdd new QtSensors module
2011-05-19 Marius Storm-OlsenCorrect missing module_activeqt -> module_qtactiveqt
2011-05-18 Rohan McGovernClean up inconsistent usage of `depends' in
2011-05-17 AlexThe qtlocation module depends on declarative too
2011-05-13 Rohan McGovernRemove platform-specific logic for qtactiveqt module.
2011-05-11 Rohan McGovernqtlocation: add to SUBDIRS, but do not (yet) compile...
2011-05-10 AlexAdd new qtlocation module
2011-05-05 axisCorrected typo.
2011-05-05 axisRemoved qt3support.
2011-05-05 Rohan McGovernbuild system: use consistent target names for all modules
2011-04-28 axisAvoided running the build-webkit script if it has not...
2011-04-27 Qt by NokiaLong live the qt5 Qt repository